Let us see the definition of EMPLOYER defined by different concept:

  • Employer : Anybody  who is contractually bound to a worker( the employee) to give that worker money as a salary or wages, in exchange for ongoing work and for which the employer directs the work and exercises fundamental control over the work and employee.
  • Employer : One who has engaged or hired the services of another.
  • Employer : A person or entity who hires the services of another.
  • Administrator, boss, chief, controller, director, executive, head, leader, management, manager, master, overseer, owner, patron, proprietor, superior, supervisor, taskmaster may be called as employer.



Employer rights from Employee

  • Expectation from employees to render the agreed services on the agreed days and times
  • To get employees to perform under employer's authorisation
  • To maintain all work instructions and obey all reasonable and lawful instructions issued by employer.
  • To get from employees to display good behaviour in the workplace to comply in a manner acceptable in the norms of employer and society.
  • Employer's expect from employees to act in good faith, loyal, and bearing the best interest of the employer.
  • To expect from employees to follow workplace rules, company policies and procedures and work performance standards.
  • To receive from employees to strive honestly in work objectives, also to expect employees to adhere to standarerd production and standard quality specifications.
  • Employees to be followed to use the employer’s prescribed resources and methods

Employer's Responsibilities to Employee's

Employer ;must provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employee/workers and contractors.

Also includes followings:

  • providing safe machinery and equipment and safe systems of work.
  • arrangements and implemention of safe use, handling, storage and transportion of raw and finished materials.
  • workplace should maintaining safe condition .
  • adequate facilities should be provides to employee/workers and contractors like hygeenic toilets, pure drinking water, and hygienic dinning areas etc.
  • adequate information, instruction, training and supervision will make sure workers to work in a safe and healthy manner.