We many people define part time Jobs in different way below you will find some examples of Part time JOB definition.

Definition: Part time jobs are those that require you to work 35 hours, or under a pre-determined amount of hours set by an employer, or less in a given week. Part time workers can be anyone - students, parents, people seeking full time employment, or people who don't want or need the time commitment of a full time position.

Definition: There are no legal guidelines that determine whether or not an employee is a part time or full time employee. A determination of whether an employee is working part time depends on the company's policy and practice of defining employees and the hours required to be considered full time.

Definition:There is no definition of a ‘part-time employee’ in the Fair Work Act, although a modern award usually defines a part-time employee as an employee who is engaged to work less than an average of 38 ordinary hours per week and whose hours of work are reasonably predictable, with a guaranteed minimum number of hours of work. Work is usually performed on regular days of the week. A part-time employee will usually be entitled to the same employment conditions as a full-time employee, but on a pro rata basis compared to the full-time hours (usually 38 per week) prescribed under the applicable industrial instrument.